Monday, January 13, 2020

Save And Print Your Pictures On The Go

I remember wanting to get home so I could see the pictures I have taken. I also remember wanting to print a picture at the moment so I could share it with my loved ones and friends.

And, I definitely wasn't the only one because Kodak came up with the best solution for it... The Kodak Printomatic.

This automatic camera offers 10mp quality pictures that you can print on the spot. Whether you choose black and white prints or colors, you can take this compact camera with you anywhere. It also has features like an advanced optical viewfinder and automatic focus.
Believe it or not, it also has a pretty decent flash and it comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on the flash on low-light settings. 
How cool is that?!.

One of my favorite features is the micro sd card slot, you can print AND save your pictures plus, you don't have to carry batteries because it charges with a USB cable. The battery life is pretty good and it charges very fast. Charge, click, print and go!.

The camera uses 2x3 zink photo paper so, no ink cartridges, toners or films are needed and, you can pretty much buy them anywhere and a good price. The quality of the paper is really good for this kind of camera. It is durable, water and tear-resistant and smudge-free.

I think this is a cool gadget to own. Let's say you like to journal and, there is a scene you want to write about... Click, print and write or share. The paper is adhesive-backed so, you can put your pictures anywhere, even the fridge!.
The camera is very compact and lightweight and like I mentioned it has a very good battery life. It also comes in different colors and, is very affordable and, you can buy different paper designs for your photos. 

Now, the question I know you have been asking... How long does it last?!, to be honest with you, I search and didn't find any exact information on it. It is supposed to last a long time but is not precise. Mine is still working and printing fine. Then again, I haven't taken or print more than 20 pictures with it.

You can check this and other models by visiting the Kodak Amazon Store

I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

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