Sunday, October 27, 2019

Get Smooth & Silky Hair in LESS Than 10min

I love long hair. I think it looks so beautiful, it is my favorite thing to wear. However, I hate the maintenance, the washing, the drying, the brushing, the styling. Even now that's above the shoulders short. But that kinda changed and I'm going to share why...
This one-step, hot air brush does everything you need and want, PLUS it does the job in no time!. Not only does it cost less than typical brands, but it also has some good features too. 
Like, 1000 watts power, ceramic coating technology that ensures no overheating and negative ionic technology to enhance hair moisture... This brush is guaranteed to give you a fast and effective dry, straighten, curl, style and freeze-free blowout.
As you can see (please excuse the hair!) the brush is oval with nylon pins and tufted bristles. It allows you to smoothly brush and even detangle your hair while it dries.
One of my favorite features is the 3 adjustable heat levels. Since my hair is short and thin, for me the levels low(40c) and middle(60c) are just perfect. But if I'm in a hurry or I just want to be done with it... High(80c) is absolutely the best. Seriously, guys, I was done in 6 minutes. Isn't that perfect?!.
The brush might look big but, it is super lightweight and easy to handle. It doesn't rotate but the cord does which is convenient. It is also perfect to take when you are traveling. It is like packing a brush, blow dryer and iron in 1. 
Also, I understand there are different types of hair and different length. Still, this brush is really good. The blow-dry is very strong and the heat very good.

This one sold really fast BUT, there are other options on Amazon like this one. Just search, Hot Air Brush and you'll find them.

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