Monday, January 13, 2020

Save And Print Your Pictures On The Go

I remember wanting to get home so I could see the pictures I have taken. I also remember wanting to print a picture at the moment so I could share it with my loved ones and friends.

And, I definitely wasn't the only one because Kodak came up with the best solution for it... The Kodak Printomatic.

This automatic camera offers 10mp quality pictures that you can print on the spot. Whether you choose black and white prints or colors, you can take this compact camera with you anywhere. It also has features like an advanced optical viewfinder and automatic focus.
Believe it or not, it also has a pretty decent flash and it comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on the flash on low-light settings. 
How cool is that?!.

One of my favorite features is the micro sd card slot, you can print AND save your pictures plus, you don't have to carry batteries because it charges with a USB cable. The battery life is pretty good and it charges very fast. Charge, click, print and go!.

The camera uses 2x3 zink photo paper so, no ink cartridges, toners or films are needed and, you can pretty much buy them anywhere and a good price. The quality of the paper is really good for this kind of camera. It is durable, water and tear-resistant and smudge-free.

I think this is a cool gadget to own. Let's say you like to journal and, there is a scene you want to write about... Click, print and write or share. The paper is adhesive-backed so, you can put your pictures anywhere, even the fridge!.
The camera is very compact and lightweight and like I mentioned it has a very good battery life. It also comes in different colors and, is very affordable and, you can buy different paper designs for your photos. 

Now, the question I know you have been asking... How long does it last?!, to be honest with you, I search and didn't find any exact information on it. It is supposed to last a long time but is not precise. Mine is still working and printing fine. Then again, I haven't taken or print more than 20 pictures with it.

You can check this and other models by visiting the Kodak Amazon Store

I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

This Boots Are Made For... Bragging

These boots are made for, bragging. That's just what I'll do!.

I don't like to buy shoes online. I like to see them, try them and make sure they look, fit and feel good. Finding a good shoe, online that meet those requirements is rare. And when you do find them... Oh, Lord, you gotta have them all.

I recently had that experience with these, "Western Ankle Booties". First, I chose this color because, it goes with everything, very convenient. Another thing that got my attention was the heel. Chunky and not too high, approximately 2" which is perfect for me. The first thing I did when they arrived was to immediately try them on. They are so comfortable inside. A stroll around the mall, a night out and you won't even feel it... That kind of comfortable.

They have that, side cut style and I love it. It makes them easier to pair them with Jeans, dress, skirts, and even shorts. They are made of faux leather but they don't look cheap or bad. The quality is actually very good. And, let's not forget the pointed toe style... for me, these are just the perfect booties for any casual occasions, season or, even work.

These are available in different colors and patterns. You can check them out clicking HERE.
They are very affordable BUT, if you buy them using Rakuten, you can earn some cashback on your purchase. ;)

Frugal shopping is my kind of shopping!.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Stop Paying For Magazines | I'll Show You How

I like my money where i can see it... In my pocket and/or bank account. And, even though I don't consider myself "cheap" I am the kind of person that likes to save and if I have the opportunity to get something for free then... Why not?!

I love magazines. Specially the home decor ones. I used to spend a couple of bucks a month buying them just to give them a few flips and that's it. One day, looking for magazine discounts or coupons on the internet, I found this site that offers magazines for FREE. Is safe, legit and thanks to it, I haven't spend a cent on magazines ever since.

Reward Survey is a site that offers $30. in reward credit for each surveys you do. You can then use that credit to "buy" magazines. Joining is easy and free. Once you do, you can complete your first reward and even your first order.

The surveys are short and easy. You can be done in under 3 minutes. In my experience, the rewards don't expire. So, if the day you do the survey, don't see any subscription that you want, no problem!!!. You can always check in later!.

Reward Survey offers a wide variety of good magazine subscription like Cosmopolitan, People, Elle, Essence and more. Both digital and in paper. They have them in different sections... $20., $30., $50 and such. I guess it depends what they have at the moment. For example, you can buy 24 issues of Better Home and Gardens for $10. credit and the shipping is free.
They also have some audio downloads available but I have never seen anything that gets my attention. 
Something they added not long ago is the .99 cent charge on some issues. You still get the $20. or $30. deducted from your rewards but for certain magazines you have to pay those .99 cents.

My honest opinion?!... Wait!!. I've seen that change!.

You can order as many as you want as long as you have the credit and voila!. You will never be asked to enter your bank account or your credit card information. I have NEVER DONE THAT.

Once you provide your name and address, you'll get a notification and email confirming your order. It takes about 6 to 10 weeks to get your magazines. It takes less to start receiving your digital copy but in the end... Is worth it. 
No credit card required. You get your favorite magazines free directly on your mailbox and your money?!... stays where you can see it, in your purse!. ;)

For more information visit, Reward Survey or, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I have been using this site for years now and I haven't regret it. I know you won't either!.

Thank you for reading. Hasta luego!!

***This is NOT a sponsored post.***

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Quick & Easy Way To Earn Gift Cards

I know, I know... Another blog post about earning gift cards.
YES, but, this one is quick, easy and LEGIT!.

The average human spends countless hours on their phones, tablets, computers. Either working, reading or browsing through social media. 
A click here, a pin or share there and, all this without getting paid. But what if, I told you that you can earn gift cards by browsing the web. Just a few clicks a day and BAM, a $5.00 gift card.

In this post, I am going to show you how with,

I have been using since 2015. When I earned my first GC not only did I had the chance to prove that's legit... I have been hooked ever since and hopefully, you will too!. I mean, free money? YES PLEASE!.

But first, let's begin with the how... When you search using Bing or just click on the news they already have, you earn points. You can do this from your computer and/or your phone. I personally do both. You can earn 150 points daily on your computer, 100 points on your phone and some extras by staying on track and doing it every day, answering polls or even just a click on an article and BAM, 5 points. They also throw some extra points weekly by sending an email. 

Yes, it is THAT easy!. All you need is an Outlook or Hotmail account. If you don't have one, create one and then create your profile. Free easy and best of all, it pays!.

Ok Dei, you keep talking about easy and earning but what happens once I click? Where do the points go? How do I get my GC?... I was going there!!.

First, the points won't expire, it hasn't happened to me. Once you reach 5250 points you can go ahead and exchange those points for a GC. Your profile gives you the opportunity to set a goal, for example, mine is Target GC at the moment. Setting a goal, just makes it easier to exchange the points.
Once exchanged, you'll receive an email saying that your order has been received and in 24hr you'll get your code for an electronic GC.

Just in case, I made a video for you guys. Showing you how easy it is AND, I also had the opportunity to exchange my points for a GC which I received at the moment. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 

Hasta Luego!

***This is NOT a sponsored post.***

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Get Smooth & Silky Hair in LESS Than 10min

I love long hair. I think it looks so beautiful, it is my favorite thing to wear. However, I hate the maintenance, the washing, the drying, the brushing, the styling. Even now that's above the shoulders short. But that kinda changed and I'm going to share why...
This one-step, hot air brush does everything you need and want, PLUS it does the job in no time!. Not only does it cost less than typical brands, but it also has some good features too. 
Like, 1000 watts power, ceramic coating technology that ensures no overheating and negative ionic technology to enhance hair moisture... This brush is guaranteed to give you a fast and effective dry, straighten, curl, style and freeze-free blowout.
As you can see (please excuse the hair!) the brush is oval with nylon pins and tufted bristles. It allows you to smoothly brush and even detangle your hair while it dries.
One of my favorite features is the 3 adjustable heat levels. Since my hair is short and thin, for me the levels low(40c) and middle(60c) are just perfect. But if I'm in a hurry or I just want to be done with it... High(80c) is absolutely the best. Seriously, guys, I was done in 6 minutes. Isn't that perfect?!.
The brush might look big but, it is super lightweight and easy to handle. It doesn't rotate but the cord does which is convenient. It is also perfect to take when you are traveling. It is like packing a brush, blow dryer and iron in 1. 
Also, I understand there are different types of hair and different length. Still, this brush is really good. The blow-dry is very strong and the heat very good.

This one sold really fast BUT, there are other options on Amazon like this one. Just search, Hot Air Brush and you'll find them.