Monday, October 16, 2017

Ozeri Graviti Electric Pepper Grinder | Review

I love to add pepper to literally, everything. Meats, salads, beans. You name it. It's a thing. But now? Now I do it just for fun! 
Recently seasoning has become a really fun and easy thing to do around the house. The "Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder" from Ozeri a utensil every kitchen should have. It's elegant, lightweight and quick.
This is a battery operated grinder. It needs 4 batteries 2A which are included in the box. The design is a black matte with some stainless steel details. It has a lid covering the grinder part.
You can use it to grind pepper, salt or any spice you desire. Leave it in the kitchen if you want to season meat or the dining table for the salad.
With just the push of a small button at the end of the grinder and you will have spices in no time. Is super quick, better than my old hand grinder.
When it grinds the pepper, it does makes a noise but it's not something loud or annoying. It's not like a blender, besides, it does grind really quick so... You will be done with it in no time. It also has a little light, I don't understand the purpose of the light but hey, it's there!.
This grinder definitely facilitates the cooking process at some point. It's versatile, useful and did I mentioned is BPA free?!. If you want to see it in action, you can check out my super quick, how to video HERE. For more information on the grinder click, HERE
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