Monday, October 16, 2017

Muse Paintbar | Review

Since I moved to Massachusetts, I rarely go out. If I do, is with the kids. This time, I had the pleasure to go out with two wonderful ladies and they took me to the most amazing place. The Muse Paintbar at Market Street in Lynnfield Ma.
When they mentioned the word "paint bar" I immediately thought: "Paint? I can't even paint my nails without making a mess". But this place is not like that. The Muse Paintbar it's an art studio where you can go with your friends, learn to paint, have an AH-MAZING time and a glass of wine too.
The ambiance of the place was relaxing and fun. It's a well-equipped art studio with instructors, everything you need for painting and more.
They have a cute little bar where you can order drinks and food. We ate before we got there and well, the only thing I wanted to drink was a Tall Macchiato from Starbucks!.
You can order as soon as you get there or while you're there. The instructor will let you know when's the last call for the bar or the kitchen. 
When we arrived we quickly found our table. It was already set for us. They even provide you with aprons. Better to be safe than sorry. The paint is safe on your skin but no on clothe.
You have to make reservations for the paint bar, which I like because you get to be with a small group of people having a great time. I also think is better that way because you don't have to deal with a crowd asking the same question 20 times, at the same time.
The place is really clean and organized. The bathrooms are impeccable and of course, full of art. Check this out...
Cute huh?!!!
The instructors were amazing. There were two, one explaining everything steps by step and another going around the tables helping us. Well, they were both helping. They also had music which made the whole experience a little bit more relaxing and enjoyable. 
Everything was really nice and organized. They also offer private parties, birthdays, company events and fundraisers. There was a bachelorette party that day.
They offer different type of classes. Canvas, glassware, painting for couples, wood, paint with LED's. Those are super cute. 
You can visit their website for more information, activities, and locations. I definitely recommend this place. I had so much fun and I can't still believe that i actually painted something. I mean, yeah it looks like my toddler did it but hey... At least I had fun!. 
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