Monday, September 25, 2017

Does It Really Works?! Pedi-Pamper Foot Peeling Mask | Review

Who has baby feet, without hitting the spa and save a couple of bucks at the same time?! This girl, right here. (I need emojis on my blog).

The Pedi-Pamper Foot Peeling Mask are disposable booties you can apply at home to get a better than spa pedicure, in days. This glycolic foot peel is good to deep exfoliate and get rid of calluses and dry skin off your feet. 

The process is really simple, painless and super affordable. In the envelope you will find 2 plastic boots and tape strips. Before applying, I make sure I took all of my nail polish of my toes. I don't know what kind of effect this might have and I wanted to be sure. The time with the booties will depend on your feet. If they are not bad just 160 minutes, if they are really ruff then 170 min. 

The process is suppose to last 7 days. I started to see results in day number 4 and by day number 7 or 8 my feet were completely clean. I do have to say I had different results as other pictures and testimonies I had seen around. I didn't experience a heavy peeling. I did put my feet in hot water to speed up the process and I saw how my dead skin feel as I gently wash it off. Disgusting but the results are gratifying!

Check out my video for the process and results. For more information on the foot mask, visit HERE. #pedipamper

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