Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rebecca Mail Box | Unboxing & Review August 2017

Happy Sunday Brunch Day!!! I know it's not Sunday BUT, as soon as you see what's on this month Rebecca Mail box. You'll wish it was! ;)
And it's because this month theme is "But First, Brunch" which means, the box it's filled with quality items that will make you want to go to brunch or host one! :) For a quick intro about the box and service, click HERE in the mean time... Let's go to the unboxing!

In this month box I got...

-"But First, Brunch" Stemless Wineglass. Retails for $16.00 and this elegant glass can be used for wine or juice. Plus, is dishwasher safe.
-Wooden Tropical Leaf Stud Earrings. They are hand made, gorgeous, light weight and retail for $14.00
-Vintage Vespa Letterpress Coaster Set. Set of 4 handmade coasters. They retail for $4.00.

-Albanese Gummy Butterflies. When I first opened the box, I notice a wonderful smell. It were these DELICIOUS gummies. They retail for $3.50 and I couldn't eat just one. 
-Mini Bonne Maman Honey Jar. It retails for $2.50 and honestly, I am just looking for an excuse to taste it or eat it alone whichever come first!!!
-Honey Dipper Wand. One of my favorite items. I have never seen or own one (don't laugh) It retails for $1.50 and it's made of solid wood.

-Rebecca Mail Exclusive Card. It retails for $4.50 and it's a blank card inside with envelope included.
-Pink Nail Polish. It retails for $4.00 and I love the formula on this one. (see swatch on video below)
-EXTRAS: 2 Umbrellas that would look GORGE on my new glass. A sample of expression skin care and a organic lip balm from Whispering Willow in mint.

Are you feeling the "Brunch vibe" now?! I certainly do.
Check out this box and other Rebecca subscriptions HERE. Don't forget to watch my unboxing video below and until next time peeps! God bless!

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