Monday, August 28, 2017

Focus Rejuvenating Hair Care System | Review

I have oily, freezy hair and it's thinning. Yes, I am taking biotin vitamins and liquid collagen, eating healthy and staying away from any hot tools. However, I am always looking for quality products to take care or it. 

The Focus Rejuvenating Hair Care System, is naturally formulated, suitable for all hair types AND promotes fuller, thicker hair and hair growth. One of the things that got my attention are the ingredients on both products (shampoo and conditioner) biotin, Argan oil, Hemp seed oil, collagen and Ginseng Root extract. Which are really good for the hair. It's also, paraben and SLS free. (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Let's begin with the shampoo. It has a soft, sweet scent which I love. It doesn't linger though. When I applied the shampoo I didn't need a huge amount. Once in touch with water it creates a nice lather (with an amazing scent). When I rinsed, my hair felt so clean no oil, no dirt, no residue and fuller!

The conditioner has a really thick consistency. Like the shampoo, it has a very good scent. Once applied I waited a couple of minutes and then rinsed. My hair felt fuller. I left it air dry and I notice there was no freezyness.

However, I did notice that right after I wash my hair with this combo, my hair was falling out like crazy. I brushed it... Brush full of hair. I touched it... Hand full of hair. I did nothing... Shoulder with hair. I don't know IF, it's because my hair is thinning, the formula is too strong OR some ingredient was causing my hair to fall and me to freak out. Honestly, once I wash my hair again using my shampoo the falling stopped. So yeah!

You can check out these and other products from this brand HERE. Every one is different, maybe you guys will get better results. :)
Hope you enjoy this review and until next time. God bless!

I received this products free for testing purposes and review. No monetization was received in exchange of this review. My opinions are personal and based on my experience with the products or service mentioned here. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Psalm 32:8

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