Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ban.do 17 Month Planner | Demo & Review

People often buy planners, agendas and/or journals because they need one. Not me, I just buy them because I like them, even if I don't end up using them!! Yup, I have a problem! And that's actually what happened with the new ban.do planner... I went to Macy's, saw it and bought it. I mean... It's so cute you guys <3 lemme show you!

The ban.do planner or agenda I got is called "Rose Parade" in medium. Those pink roses really got my attention. They have different sizes and styles. And this is how it looks on the inside. ;)

-Double-sided pocket page for storage.

-This agenda belongs to... In here you can place cool pictures or turn it into a "Vision Board"

2 Pages with a variety of stickers.

The Bando secret code. You will need this to decipher some hidden messages on your agenda or create some cool ones!

2 pages to write down birthdays or special occasions. It also have a list with the holidays and a year view for 2018, 2019.

Every month has a different cool design with a fun quote.

At the beginning of each month, you will find the whole "Month View". Gives you an opportunity to plan accordingly. And the holidays are already marked down! Bonus!!!

 Between the month view and the weekly view you have 2 note pages and also at the end of the agenda you will find a couple more!

And this is the weekly view. Lot's of space for you to plan, decorate and just let your creativity flow. You will find a quote on each month and suggestions like "Stay out all night!". 

And my favorite, "Should I get bangs?!" According to this, I should give them a go!!

I really like how organized this planner is. Everything is in tabs. Has tons of spaces for you to plan, take some notes and decorate. I love, love the glossy roses on top of the matte blue and the gold details, including the elastic band closure. The price is really affordable and thinks about it... It will last you 17 month! It's a pretty good deal! 

For more information and other designs, visit the bando website HERE.

Until next time peeps. God bless!
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1 John 3:1

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