Friday, July 7, 2017

Walmart Beauty Box | Summer Unboxing & Review

Have you ever felt like, you have been with a service for so long and, things get dull, boring, repetitive. Until one day, things change, you get a good box and your faith is restored. xD
This season, I wasn't even looking forward this box. After the whole Spring Box fiasco, I don't think anyone was. In fact, I was actually thinking about canceling my subscription. For more information on the box, please watch my video HERE. That way we can cut the blah blah blah and go straight to the "Summer Unboxing". ;)

This season I was feeling proud and surprised. New brands, products I mean... Holy Boxes!!!. Check out mine for instance...
1. Ecotool Mask Remover Sponges. This is a full size and it retails or $2.50. You can use them to remove your face mask or to watch your face. They are very gentle.
2. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. These is a sample and the best makeup remover EVER!
3. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner Dream Care, Hydration. These are samples and I could RAVE about these 2 but, there's still stuff to talk about.
4. imPRESS, Press On Manicure. Another full sizes product and it retails for $4.97. These are actually perfect for a day use in my opinion.
5. Schwarzkopf Got 2b, Styling Gel. This is a sample and, I don't use gel or any of my kids so, I really have nothing to say here.
5. Real Techniques, Brush Cleansing Gel. It's just a tiny sample but this gel it's actually really good.

Just 5 things, I know... But, compared to other boxes this one is very different, very girly and it definitely have new things and 2 full sizes!! I really hope Walmart keeps up the good work.

For more information on the Walmart Beauty Box or to simply subscribe, you can do it HERE. Until next time peeps. God bless!

This is not a sponsored post. I am responsible for the purchase of the products mentioned above. All my opinions are based on my personal experience with the products and service.
Philemon 1:25

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