Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rebecca Mail Box | Unboxing & Review July 2017

Do you remember those stickers people handed to us when we went to school trips, conference or things like that?! You know, the ones that says, "Hello, my name is..." and you could wrote your name or use the opportunity to be creative. I used to HATE those... Now I don't and neither will you. ;)

This month box reached a whole new level of cuteness.  There's of course the occasional candy or snack but the rest, will leave you speechless and quickly looking for opportunities to just use them. 

Let's start with a quick intro!!! The Rebecca Mail Box, it's a monthly subscription box, it cost $35.00 a month and it's a themed, life style, subscription box. All of the products inside the box are full sizes and you can find a little bit of everything, even plants! The theme of this month is "Hello, my name is: Summer". If you ask me I would've named it "Fabulous" instead and here's why...

-Silk Neckerchief, retails for $10.00 and it's 100% silk. Wear it on your head of tie it around your bag. I can't help but think of those vintages pictures of women using this with oversized sunglasses and looking FABULOUS!
-Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener, retails for $7.00 and this cutie it's definitely going to get you some attention. The quality it's AH-MAZING.
-Lip Mask, retails for $2.50. It was part of their Lip Service last month and apparently, it was a hit.

-"Hello, My Name Is" Tote, retails for $19.00 and this 18"x18", 100% cotton cutie... It's definitely a summer hit. Specially when you can personalized it with your name, nick name or Instagram handle. Because, why not!
-Mini Sharpie Marker, retails for $2.50 and of course, what is a customizable tote without a marker.
-Want my number? or Ig handle?
-Sure, write it on my tote! ;)
Come on, you thought about it!!!

-Tropical Leaf "Hello" Card, retails for $4.50 and this Rebecca Mail exclusive is the perfect excuse to bring back those "pen pal" days and tell your friends all about your "FABULOUS" summer days.
-Purrrfect Pout Lip Gloss, retails for $5.00 and it's the perfect lippie for that glossy look.
-Smarties Mega Roll, retails for $2.00 and holy sour batman. As you can see, well... They didn't last a day! They were that good!

Healthy pout? CHECK🗸, Neckerchief for a FABULOUS look? CHECK🗸, Fabulous tote for your pool necessities or a walk around the market? CHECK🗸 CHECK🗸 AND CHECK🗸. Told you it was a good box. For more information about this and other Rebecca Mail boxes click HERE.

For other Rebecca Mail Box unboxing click the links: June, May, Mach. You can also watch my unboxing video below and until next time peeps. God bless!!!

Proverbs 4:23

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