Monday, June 5, 2017

Revlon Youth FX | Demo & Review

When I read about the Revlon Youth Fx, there were 2 things that really got my attention... 1. The foundation with spf 20 and 2. The primer for the forehead. Yup, you read it right!
The new "Youth FX" promise to blur and fill fine lines, pores and cover dark spot and give you a smooth, even finish. And trust me, it does! As you can see, I got...
The "Revlon Youth Fx, Fill & Blur Primer" for face and neck. It has a really soft applicator and like a pump below for you to press and get the product to come out. The formula has a peachy color and as soon as you apply it you will definitely see the difference. Your face will look smoother and more refreshed.
I also got this brand new toy here and it's the "Revlon Youth FX, Fill & Blur Primer" for the forehead. It looks like a nail polish, it even has a brush and the reason it got my attention it's because I have never seen a primer JUST for the forehead. It's really new for me, plus the applicator makes it more unique. If you have expression lines on your forehead or really deep wrinkles, you can say bye to them with this primer.
This is the "Revlon Youth FX, Concealer" in the shade 02 light. It really covers my dark circles and hide my crow feet, plus it has a natural finish which I love. I like the applicator because it's like a sponge. It's like applying it and setting it at the same time. You need to press the button at the end for the product to come out.
And last but not least... The "Revlon Youth FX, Foundation" in the shade nude and with spf 20. The formula on this foundation it's amazing. It's thick but lightweight and super soft, it has a really great, full coverage and in my experience, you don't need a lot of product. It evens your skin tone.
This line it's definitely a must have. You can wear the primers with or without makeup. They provide a natural, soft, fresh and young looking finish. They are not available in store yet BUT, you can find more info on their website HERE.

I received this product free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are based on my experience with the product.

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