Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rebecca Mail Box | Unboxing & Review June 2017

Rebecca Mail Box it's celebrating their FIRST year this month and of course, they want us to celebrate with them! Between flamingos, confetti and a lot of pink. This month box will give you a reason to celebrate summer while getting you ready to Flamingle! ;)

In case you're new, let me give you a little intro...
The Rebecca Mail is a monthly subscription box. It cost $35.00 a month and it's a life style box which means, you can get jewelry, makeup, snacks... Well, a little bit of everything!. All of the products you get are full sizes and from other small business which it's one of the things that I love about this box. It's a small business working hand on hand with other small businesses to create this amazing, themed box for us.

Now, let's go to the unboxing!!!

Like I said, this month box was a very festive one. I got...
1. Stylish Sunglasses & Case. They retail for $18.00 and these oversized beauties are just what you need to look fabulous this summer. P.S: Inside the case you can fit your phone.
2. "Birthday Cake" Bath Bomb. It retails for $5.00 and it smells AH-MA-ZING!
3. "Mingo" Purse Mirror. It retails for $5.00 and it's one of my favorite things on this box. It has a cute little flamingo, an amazing msg and it fit almost anywhere.
4. "Frosted Pink Acrylic Earrings". They retail for $16.00. 3 things... Lightweight, simple and gorgeous.

5. "Flaming Pool Float Drink Holder". It retails for $6.00 and you imagine this cute floater holding your drink? at the pool?!
6. "Rose Gold & Pink Paper Straws". These super cute straws retail for $4.00 and again... Another addition to look, fabulous!
7. "Fig Bar". It retails for $2.50 and let's be real here... I ate them!!! They are THAT good!
8. "Exclusive Flamingo Birthday Card". It retails for $4.50 and it's one of Rebecca's exclusive design. It's a blank card on the inside and it comes with the envelope!

The box also had a nice touch of confetti and mint candy which of course, it's gone! Anyways, there you have it peeps... simple, fun and definitely festive!. You can check all of her subscription boxes HERE.

Until next time peeps. God bless!!

This is not a sponsored post.

Psalm 34:10

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