Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing tablet | Demo & Review

I am not really techy. In fact, for me it's really simple... Got a new techy gadget? Just show it to the kids. They'll know what to do! But this time, it was different. So easy in fact my 4yo toddler knew how to use this. What am I talking about?! Let's check...

The NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing tablet/Board, it's like a modern notebook. Lightweight, comes in cool different colors, it only needs 1 battery and it comes with a pen.
Imagine all the paper, notes and/or sticky notes you will save with this thing. You can use it at the office for reminders and things to do. Same for students or college students. You can make a list of errands to have to run and take it with you in your purse or just place it on your fridge for cute notes, grocery list, menu of the day and more.
It only needs a battery which comes included and it also came with a magnet. That way you can place it on the fridge or any metal surface.
What makes this tablet fun and interesting, it's the button that has on the top. You can write all you want and when you are done, just press the button and puff.. It's gone! Even my toddler finds that fun and interesting.

Let me be clear for a sec. This is not a regular tablet. It will not save your info or notes and it doesn't have a usb to save or transfer anything. Your notes will stay on the pad as long as you leave them there, once you press the delete button they are gone.

You can find the NewYes LCD writing tablet HERE.

I received this product free for testing purposes and review. All my opinions are based on my personal experience with the product.

James 1:5-6

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