Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum | Review

On my skin care routine (am or pm) cleansers, mask and face serums are a "Must-have". Face serums have become a thing since... I don't even know. But the truth is... They are a necessary thing. Depending on the serum, the ingredients compliment your moisturizer giving you a hydrating, healthy skin.
For example. I am currently using the "NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum". I have been using it day and night and it's just the best. It has lactobionic acid which is a antioxidant and pro-vitamins A, C and E to provide intense moisturization and reduce the appearance of fine lines, pore size and mottled pigmentation.
It's also fragrance free, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. I have oily skin and I have been using it as part of my am and pm skin care routine.
A just apply a little bit of the serum on my face, neck, chest and hands. Lightly massaging and padding and then wait for my skin to absorb the product.
It will feel sticky at first BUT, once my skin absorbs it and I apply my moisturizer, the sticky feeling will go! You can also apply sunblock and/or makeup on top of it. It's definitely a really good face serum.

For more information, you can visit the webpage HERE. Let me know what you think. Read you later peeps. God bless.

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This is not a paid publication. I received this product free for testing purposes and review. All my opinions are based on my personal experience with the product. 

Psalm 25:4

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