Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Silicone Makeup Sponge | Tutorial & Review

I remember when applying foundation only required your hands or those square sponges you see at Walgreens. Today, we still have the hands, the square sponges, brushes, blenders and now silicone blenders. When I first saw them on Instagram there were a few mix reviews. Some didn't recommend it at all, while others couldn't put theirs down. And to be honest... Neither have I!!!
These teardrops shaped beauty blender came in a pack of 4 and in different colors. They are made out of pure silicone and are latex and BPA free. These sponges are really gentle on the skin and super easy to use. They don't absorb any makeup or water and cleaning them it's the easiest thing.
Apply small dots of foundation on your face and the stipple or dab the product with the silicone sponge. Do not drag it!!
You can also use it to apply concealer and cream contour.
I honestly like how evenly my makeup looked. I didn't feel the need to use my regular blender to set or fix anything. The amount of makeup I had to use was very minimal and by the time I was done I washed it, dried it and put it away! The quality of these silicone applicators it's really good. They do feel kinda squishy on your hands but I guess it's because I am not use to the material. It's a good, funny squish though! The best part? They are affordable, last longer so imagine the money you will be saving on makeup and applicators? (I know, I know... Just to buy more!!)

For more information on the sponges, you can check them out HERE. Make sure to check out my mini video tutorial below and don't forget to please subscribe. That's all for now peeps. Until next time. God bless!!!

This is not a sponsored post. I received these products for testing purposes and review. All my opinions are based on my personal experience with the product.

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