Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Easter Egg Hunt 2017

I don't normally share personal details of my life. It's just how I am. So I though, this would be an amazing opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and give you peeps a glimpse. And what better time than our Easter Egg Hunt! Since I live in an apartment I have to get creative, sure I could just do it inside the apartment but... Where's the fun in that? So here's how the kids went Egg Hunting!

First, let's get creative!
The first thing I do is place the "prices" on the entrance with a basket for each one.
Since I live on a first floor it was easy for me to place little arrows on the floor showing them the route to the egg hunt.
Once outside, since I have green areas I just choose one and decorate it.
Lucky for me there were no kids outside that day.

Now, let the Egg Hunt begin!!!
Elias had such an amazing time. He was so excited!! Not only because he was egg hunting and of course, I made it kinda "interesting".
But also because his brother was there too. That tall, dark and handsome teenager next to Elias, is my 17yo son Jose. He's too big and too cool for pictures with his mother, to be on my blog or any of my social media. But not to be out egg hunting with his little brother!!
That day was a beautiful Sunday, perfect 80 degrees, sunny weather. But of course... we were inside, pigging out on candy and playing with Elias toy basket!!

Well peeps. This is part of my life, the ones that warm my heart and keep me going... My kids!. And this, well, kind of a glimpse of how our lives are. I hope you enjoy this post. I did tried to keep short!!

Until next time. God bless!!

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