Monday, April 24, 2017

Fusion Burn Weight Loss Pills | Review

*Disclaimer: Before I start I want to clarify that I am not a weigh loss or health professional and that my review will be based on MY personal experience with the product. I have been using it for a month so I could give an honest and unbiased opinion about the it.  With that being said... Let's begin!!!
With a combination of fat-burning ingredients in a veggie capsule like...
1. Garcinia Cambogia, helps block fat storage, suppress appetite and improve mood.
2. Green Tea,  increases the metabolism.
3. Raspberry Ketone, helps break down fat faster
4. Green Coffee Bean, helps with weight loss.
All these ingredients are inside a veggie capsule and it doesn't contain harmful chemical.
Fusion burn maximizes your body's ability to burn fat and can help prevent your food intake from turning into unhealthy fat. You can take it 20 to 30 minutes before eating once or twice a day for maximum results.

Now, my experience!!!
I started using fusion burn a month ago. I take one pill in the morning with a bottle of water before breakfast and some days I take another one around 1. (depends what I eat). While taking the product I did not experience any pain or upset stomach. After I ate my food I could experience how my body got rid of the fat by flushing it out of my body (poop). It's not something you have to run or something you can't hold. Since it has green tee and coffee bean I could notice a little increment on my energy. It made me feel awake, not wired or hyper which It's good. I did take a lot of water and walk (I don't go to gyms or exercise at home). The product says it helps suppresses appetite but I didn't experience any of that.
In my opinion, this supplement goes well with a good diet or exercise routine. If you expect to loose weight by just taking it, then this is not for you and water, definitely lots of water. I still have some left and I just take 1 per day since I have been trying to eat "healthy" and walk more. So far, so good!!!

Again, remember I am not a dietician or weight loss expert. This review is solely based on my personal experience with the product.
Check it out HERE.

Got this product free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.

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