Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Apalus Hair Straightener Demo & Review

I don't always brush my hair, but when I do... I want it to look shinny and healthy! (I need emojis on this blog).
I have straight hair and it's kinda frizzy. I rarely brush my hair since I am always inside the house but when I do I have to use an electric brush or my straightener to get rid of the frizz and give it a healthy, shinny look. Must of the time I try to avoid this tools as much as possible. But lately, I have been enjoying this one. And I'll explain why.
The Apalus Moisture Lock Hair Straightener it's not your everyday hair tool. It is super lightweight and it came with a very convenient carrying case for safe keeping, 2 clicks and one glove for your protection. The heating plates are made of  fiberglass fabric which helps moisture lock and uniform heating without damaging your hair or leaving any burn hair smell.
One of the thing I like about it is the fact that it goes into stand-by mode when you are not holding it for 5 min and then it recuperates the temperature in 30 seconds when you hold it back, talking about energy saving!
You can choose the temperature you want Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the up(+) and down(-) button at the same time. It has an auto key lock system which is very convenient. Just double click the power button to release.
Overall, it's a really good product. I was impressed with it, I am so use to read the whole "Ceramic plates" thing that this one actually caught me by surprise. My hair was so soft and shinny and I did the whole thing pretty quick.
Take a quick peek at it HERE. You can see how it works on my video below. 
Let me know what you think on the comments. Until next time peeps. God bless!

This is not a sponsored post. I receive this product free for testing and review. All opinions are my own.

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