Friday, March 24, 2017

D’OR24K's Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe / Review

I'm a single mom of 2 boys, a 17yo and a 4yo. Eye bags and are kind of a "Daily face accessory" of mine. Of course, I am always looking for solution to look "rested".

I can honestly say... I found it!!! The D’OR24K's Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe get's rid of the eye bags and fine lines IN SECONDS without the need of invasive procedures or actual needless. It's a pink gel with a thick consistency. It tightens the skin and lifts wrinkles while absorbing excess facial oil. After applying the product the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines disappear, making your skin look smoother and tighter.

The results are instant and instant, typically last six to eight hours, depending on your skin type. Mine is oily and trust me it last. The only thing is, you cant apply any kind of liquid on the area like moisturizer or foundation. Just powder products. Trust me, it's worth it.

I applied just a drop the size of a pea for both eyes and just pad it gently around the desired area, in my case my eyes. It glides easily on the skin and dries really quick. I can feel how my skin quickly start to feel and look tighter and smoother.

As you can see there's is a big difference. I notice my eyes look smoother, rested and hydrated. I actually look awake and rested. I just apply my MAC foundation powder and boom. This momma is ready to go!

Take a look at this amazing product HERE and don't forget to use promo code:  PROMO25 for 25% off your purchase. Also, if you want more info on how to apply the D'OR24K's non surgical eye lift syringe click HERE.

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