Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Personalized Coffee Cup / Review

Finding things with my name it's... Well, impossible! But, finding a coffee cup with a funny message and MY name on it?! Now, that's AWESOME!!
I got this super cute, white coffee cup that says "To save time let's just assume Deimarys is always right". The design has cute little hearts and flowers. It came really well packed and protected. It's a thin ceramic cup, compared with the other ones I have that are a little bit thicker. But to be honest, I already had some coffee and it even went STRAIGHT to the dishwasher xD and it's ok! It's a good quality cup and also affordable.

You can get other designs. Just visit 5amily, enter your name

Then hit create mug, it will ask you a few quick questions like hobby, place of birth, career and things like that. Once you are done you will see different designs, quotes and other fun stuff. It's a really fun process and just in times for Valentine's day or Mother's day!


  1. Such a cute and creative idea! I like that they give you choices of designs and wording, because sometimes we have no idea what to say, haha. I'll give this a try!


    1. They have really funny quotes and good products.

  2. My niece has the same problem. Her name is Juliet. We can always find Julie but never Juliet. It drives us bananas.

  3. I love personalized items and gifts. And yes, it's that much special to find or get yourself something with your name on it when your name is unique.

  4. That's cute, yes it is hard to find items with my name on it as well. Great for gift giving as well.

  5. My name is Corey and I could always find my name in the boys' section but never the girls' :) This is such a cute design!

  6. I always love anything that is personalized and I have some good collection of personalized mugs at home. The white coffee cup looks cute and I love the design & theme so much!