Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cartoon Fire Rescue Pumper Bubble Blowing / Demo & Review

I have a 4yo who is OBSESSED with fire trucks and bubbles. So, when I saw this cute little toy truck I knew I had to get it for Elias. He is in love with it to the point that I already had to replace the batteries!!!

This fire truck is the perfect gift for any little one obsessed with bubbles, lights, sounds and fire trucks. It will definitely keep them happy and entertained. The truck comes with the bubble soap and it needs 3 batteries 2A not included.

It has that round wheel which it what makes it go around on it's own.

The Lather goes up and down too. As you can see it has lights and makes the sounds of a siren, like a real fire truck!

The eyes move and it stick it's tongue out while it goes around.

Elias is super happy with it. It's a really good and fun toy and any kiddo will love it. You can see in action on my video below, let me know what you think. Buy it HERE and, until next time peeps. God bless.

This is not a sponsored post.