Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rebecca Mail Unboxing / January 2017

Winter... the season of snow, comfy socks, hot chocolate and another unboxing for the Rebecca Mail Box.
This month theme goes PERFECT with the season "Cozy Snow Day" and the products of course, are even BETTER. This month products were carefully picked for us to kick back with warm feet, moisturized lips, relax with a nice scented candle and a healthy snack. Can't get any better than that!

If you are new to Rebecca Mail, let me give you a quick recap! It's a monthly subscription, life style box. It cost $35.00 and its available in USA and Puerto Rico. It's also a themed box which means, every month is a different theme. The box, the products EVERYTHING it's design to go accordingly with the theme.

On this month box I got...

  • Buttons & Pleats Wool socks. Retail for $14. and they are super thick, soft and cute.
  • Folklore Luxury Lip Balm. Retails for $12. it has a super nice minty scent and it leaves my lips soft and moisturized. Definitely a plus.
  • Fog City Candle Co. in Sugar Donut. It retails for $10. and this candle it's out of this world. It smells like those glazed donuts from Dunkins. Delish!
  • Sweet New Year Perfume. Retails for $9.00 and this is exclusive of Rebecca Mail. Its hand made with vanilla and other light fragrances. It's a really soft scent. My opinion is, it kinda smell like coffee, I'm a coffee lover so you guys know I'm hooked. Plus it comes in a small roll on you can throw in your purse!
  • Stylized Hoop Earrings. Retails for $6. this golden hoops are really cute. Really good quality and perfect for day or night. Depends how you dress or accessorize.
  • Rebecca Mail Exclusive Card. Retails for $4.50 the perfect opportunity to stay connected with family, friends or send some encouraging words to those who need it the most!
  • Rice Krispy Treat Snacks. Retails for $1.00 and of course... It's gone! haha she is always spoiling us with mints or healthy snacks.
  • Inspirational Print. Retails for $3.00 and this item it's actually a bonus this month.
All this products are full size and good quality, hand picked for us!  In my opinion they are getting better and better each month. They have a 10 in my book. You can follow them on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or check them out HERE. Hope you enjoy this unboxing. Remember to watch my video unboxing below and subscribe for more!
Until next time peeps! God bless.