Monday, January 23, 2017

DD Wireless Earbuds Review

I know you might think "Hey, I rather have the Beats by Dre" or the Ariana Grande kitty ears ones. But when it comes to earphones I rather have comfortable small ones like these "DD Wireless Earphones".

Whether you are working out, traveling, working at the office or cleaning around the house (like me)... These wireless earphones are discreet, light weight and very convenient. You can pair them with your phone, table, windows, or game console. Listen to music, control the volume and even answer your calls. You can be up to 32 feet's away from the connected device. It's easy to pair and you can do it all with the touch of a button.

The earphones comes with a usb cable for charging and 2 additional pairs of buds (S,M,L) and instructions of course!

Check them out HERE #DeificDesignEarbuds
Also, make sure to check out my quick video review! Until next time peeps. God bless!!!

Got it free for testing purposes and review. All opinions are my own.