Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rebecca Mail Box / December 2016

Tis' the season for another AWESOME, Rebecca Mail Box. This month theme is "Most Wonderful Time" perfect fit for a wonderful box!
As always, the owner went above and beyond to curate this box with awesome, good quality goodies for us. 
Remember you can watch the unboxing on the video link below. ;)

As you can see the box this month it's a really elegant silver color. The wrapping paper gave it a nice Christmas touch! 

 In here you can see i got:
-Message Bangle, retails for $8.00 and it has a msg stamp on it. Really elegant and delicate.
-Bixby Bar, i ate it while filming xD it retails for $3.50 and it reminds me of the chunky bars but this one is more salty and has dark chocolate. (heaven)
-Magnet set, these cute "sea glass" magnets, retails for $4.00 and you can use them on your fridge or office. Last but not least i got a Wooden card holder, it retails for $3.00 and it goes well with the desk calendars you're about to see!.

In here i got...
 -2017 Desk Calendar, it retails for $14.00 and these will look great with that wooden card holder on a desk. ;) 
-Rebecca mail card, it retails for $4.50 and she always includes one card. They are always so cute. 
-Skin care samples. This are from the renaissance brand. Rebecca adds them as a plus!

And last but not least... 
-Vintage travel tote, it retails $20.00 and it's super cute and convenient for traveling and shopping.
-Marble & Gold Coaster, it's a set of 4 and they retail for $30.00. The coasters are hand painted which gives them a personalized and elegant touch. 
And some mints, to sweeten your day.

 I love everything i got on my box. Really good quality products. Check them out visiting Rebecca Mail

Remember to please check out my video and subscribe. Until next time. God bless.



  1. Looks very interesting. I am going to go check out Rebecca Mail. I haven't heard of it until reading this post. Thank you for the information!

  2. Cool stuff! I'd really like that desk calendar as well as the skin care samples. Plus the mints, because I do love my mints!

  3. The Rebecca box looks like it has so many great goodies in it.

  4. Great stuff! I love calendars and skin care so I would really enjoy that! Thanks for sharing this!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  5. I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes. I love getting them on my doorstep :) Makes it so exciting! Like Christmas morning!

  6. The contents are very interesting and cutesy! My version of subscription boxes are more on skincare :)

  7. This looks interesting. I haven't heard of Rebecca Mail Box before reading this post. Most subscription boxes I know are mostly a collection of skin care products or make-up products. This is a little different. I'll check this out. :)

  8. What a fun idea. Now im going to look into it.

  9. This is interesting and a fun idea. I've never heard of Rebecca mail box...will check into this further!! Thanks for sharing.