Thursday, December 22, 2016

Amazon Beauty Box Unboxing

 Shocked by the title? I bet! So was I when i first read about it. Yet, i had to get one for myself and see what the fuss it's all about.

First of... this sample, beauty box it's "free". Yes, i used " because there is a catch. You pay $11.99 and a week later you will receive a notification email from Amazon letting you know those $11.99 have been credited to your account PLUS, instructions on how they can be used. That money can only be used as credit ONLY if you are going to buy one of the products you got on your box. 

Want my opinion? Of course you do! xD. It's not worth it (sorry amazon). First of all, i have the walmart beauty box for $5.00, 4 times a year and no obligations. Second, if you have prime, you can get fast shipping, yes that true. But, most of those product you can get them elsewhere and more cheaper. (Just saying)

As you can see, all i got were samples, not even one full size product. The good things is, i got a few things i have never tried. Other than that, this box got a 3 in my book. (I am being SO nice).

Here's my unboxing video, remember to please subscribe! Until next time peeps!


  1. Nope NOT worth it! I mean sure you got a "full sized" razor lol but geesh! Come on Amazon!