Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rebecca Mail Unboxing and Review

Sparkle, coffee and cozy are some of the words i can use to perfectly describe this month Rebecca Mail Box. As you know, or if you didn't, well, now you do!! xD. These life style boxes have different themes every month. 
This month theme is "Just Be Classic" and let me tell you, Rebecca did and AHMAZING job curating the products to go with it. Even the color of the box. This boxes are regularly pink, this month they are a "Breakfast at Tiffanys" kinda aqua. And this are the goodies that came inside...

First of all, what can be classier than a "Audrey Hepburn Quote"? It retails for $7.00 and its the cutes thing ever.

Ok, let's talk about that super cute, super sparkly coffee mug. It says "I drink more coffee than a Gilmore Girl" and yes, i do! It retails for $26.00. I also got those Chex Mix which Elias ate (Thanks Son!) They retail for $1.00. That super cute Cable Knit Head Wrap which is super cute, cozy and retails for $12.00. Don't know who made it but they DEFINITELY did a great job. And, i know you are wondering about those keys... Well, those super cute "Pewter keys" are a "Bonus" item this month and they retail for $16.00. Watch my video for more details ;) on these keys.
First of all, i apologize for this picture. Trust me, i tried to fix it but nope, it has a life and a mind of its own. >(
Moving on, here you see a super cute retro journal, which came perfect because... A- I collect them for no particular reason and B- I love to write quotes, collect stickers, washi, bible verses or just write. The journal retails for $4.00. A set of 10 colored pencils which retails for $3.00 and go perfectly with those cute coloring post cards. Yup, you read it right. It's a pack of 5 and they retail for $5.00.
 She also threw some samples and a lolly pop! Sadly, this month box it's already sold out. Good news? You can visit the site and check them out for December's box! Click HERE

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