Wednesday, November 9, 2016

IDO3D Vertical Pen Set Demo & Review

I remember when 3D printing use to be something you only see on TV. Time changes, toys become more cooler than they use to which bring us to this Blog Post!!!

I have been seeing 3D pens all over the web, but to actually own one!!! No way José. Well, today that changed because here i bring you my first, coolest, 3D pen set ever. 

This set of 5 pens come with everything you see in the picture. A 3D guidebook which comes with instructions and step by steps pictures for you to draw your 3D printing. 2 molds, a light to not only help you trace your drawings but also dry and harden the paint or 3D thingy!!
 Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to do. My first project were those glasses. (The easy stuff) As you can see i had to place the clear, vinyl sheet over the book and the trace. The material does dry pretty fast but i don't know what I did that one parts were sturdier that others. But it does work and you know what? I rather give this to a kid as a gift than any of the electronics toys. It challenge them to use their imagination, use their hands for something other than text or use a remote. You know what i mean? 

So, as a mom... This toy has a 10 in my book. For more information click HERE. Don't forget to watch my video and subscribe for more. 
 God Bless.


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