Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crowtap Kits and How Does It Work

I often get asked... "Where do i get all the free products and samples to review?". Well, today is your lucky day because i will share here one of those sites with you. ;)

One of those site it's called Crowtap With Crowdtap not only do you have the chance to get some awesome freebies FREE of charge but you also get the opportunity to earn $5.00 amazon gift cards for participating and engaging.

How? Simple!...

First of all, joining Crowdtap it's completely free, easy and quick. Second, once in, profile completed, email verified and all that jazz. You get the opportunity to engage with brands doing stuff like answering questions, polls, submitting pictures, sharing content on Twitter or Facebook. 

The best part is... you earn points for doing all that stuff. From 2, to 5, to even 20. The point is... Every time you make a 1,000 points you get a $5.00 amazon gift card. If you see the almost empty heart on the picture above its because i need to interact more with that brand for it to be full. And those 4 little squares are the mission available for me to do with that brand.

When you go to your dashboard and scroll down you will see different task you have to do to earn points and if you ran out because.. well, you are a rock star and like to be up to date... You have the option to follow more brands or that other option above to do missions you might like.

For samples, you have to apply. Once you do that if you are accepted you get an email like the picture above or just one telling you that the mission it's full. I have participated on missions like the ones mentioned on the video below. You also get points to do task like posting pictures, leaving reviews and stuff like that once you get the freebies. The points depend on the mission.

Anyways, i think that's all. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Also, don't forget to watch the video below and subscribe. 
God Bless.

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