Friday, September 16, 2016

Lace and Trace with Board Review and Demo Vid

Chalk boards? Seen them, had them, play with them etc... Market boards that are magnet boards at the same time? Same thing. BUT a Velcro board with lace or like i call them, shoe strings!! Anyways, this one is new for me and i have to admit i was really curious about it.  It's a Velcro board but at the same time is a carrying case where you can storage the little laces and cards.
The laces come in different sizes and colors which allows the kiddos to create different shapes. The cards provides the with examples of what they can do on both sides. And it even has that "plastic pencil" where you can put the laces and trade better. It's a really great opportunity for Elias (my son) to learn how to grab a pencil or he just plays with his hands. It's pretty awesome. 
Chech them out HERE #ETIToys