Wednesday, May 4, 2016

O-Sip! Silicone Sippy Lids Review


As the mom of a toddler.. spilled juice, milk, water ON A BEIGE CARPET, are kind of my everyday problem. Since Elias is 3 (almost 4) it's kinda hard to find a sippy cup that looks like a cup, know what i mean. He loves drinking juice when he gets home from school, he also loves to leave his cups running around the carpet and couch, gotta love this kid. Since i got this sippy lids, honestly my problems are over. It's a sippy lid you can put on any cup, i had to make a little incision on all 3 so he could drink, they are really tight which is great because the kiddos are free to go. Elias was sipping his juice comfortably and without any problems and my fav part!?!? NO SPILLS.
My only problem is.. i had a hard time putting the lids in the cup the first time. Once you get the hand of it, it gets easier.

Check them out HERE  #OSipLids

Disclaimer: I receive this product at a discount of free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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