Monday, May 16, 2016

​InewVision VR Magic Box Review

I have been seeing this things around like the ultimate gadget of the season. Kids and adults are buying it and raving about it, because you can see everything 3D and have a "3D experience" right at home! 
The box comes with everything you see here, Headset 3D Glasses, user manual, cleaning cloth, 1 bluetooth remote controller and that black mask thingy which ill explain why you'll need it. Good for any android, ios platform within the size of 4 - 6.5 inches. I have a samsung note 3 (just for reference). The virtual reality headset is used to watch 3D movies and play games. You just need to download VR Games apps or 3D Split Screen Videos to your smartphone. Now, the bad thing about this is... the instructions are actually in chinese (or japanese) which means you have to play around with it a little and, well... guess! I do know this... You can graduate the lenses, that black mask thingy you actually need it to play games... It's suppose to "bring" a sense on immersion to game playing. And take it off when watching movies. You can scan that barcode you see in the picture to download the store. 

As you can see, the remote it's suitable for both, android - ios. It need 2 batteries 3A, you also need to connect it with your phone, i didn't have any trouble doing it. With the remote you can graduate the volume, choose the game or movie, browse around your phone, while you have the phone inside the Vr....

NOW, my 2 cents... I gotta be honest peeps. My 16 yo is NOT using it, neither am i. In this trial process there were 3 adults and 1 minor, we all came to the same conclusion. It makes you feel dizzy and it affect your vision in less than a minute. Yes, the graphics are awesome, the effect of being "inside" the game it's out of this world. You want to shoot something, just look at it, you want to open a door or walk, you just do it by looking at the door or the direction you want to go. So, yes it's amazing but as a mom and as someone who uses glasses for reading and well, blogging. I would say be really careful. 

Check it out HERE

Disclaimer: I Receive this product at a discount of free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.