Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hatch'ems 4-Pack Review

As always, i don't know who was more excited with the toys if Elias or Me!! This set of 4 toy eggs is really amazing, fun and educational. Just put the eggs on a cup with water, preferably a clear one so the kiddos can see the process and enjoy! You will see the process of the hatching and the "little animals" getting out of the egg. The fun doesn't stop there, if you want to see the animals grow, just put them back in the cup with water! I definitely had fun, Elias was excited, everyday he was like "Mommy, mommy my eggs are hatching" and he would run to the kitchen and look at the cups with the eggs. At the end, he didn't want to get the animals out the eggs xD. #easter

The box says it's for kids 6up but honestly, Elias is 3 and he LOVED it! Check them out HERE and don't forget to watch my video to see the process and the review with my amazing little helper.

Disclaimer: I receive this product at a discount of free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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