Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Money Maze Puzzle Demo and Review

Now days, gifting has become... What's the word? Boring, predictive (is that a word) anyways, you can expect a gift, yes but most of all, now day people are opting for money inside a card (which is not bad) or a gift card... Inside a card, which is not bad either. But all that can change, thanks to this super awesome, not suitable for me, money maze! You get to put the money or whatever you can fit inside and the person who get's it, needs to figure out the puzzle first in order for the puzzle to open! Which is super fun and different.
 I get easily frustrated so, no sir. 

Don't forget to watch my demo/review video below, for more info or to get the puzzle visit HERE #agreatlife

(Got it free to Review)

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