Friday, March 25, 2016

High Waisted Short for Women Vintage Inspired Review

Winter gone? CHECK! 
Legs shaved? CHECK!

Ok, now you need some cute shorts and today... I got you cover!!! 

This cute, high waisted, cotton stretch, vintage inspired shorts are the perfect addition for this summer. They are really comfortable, they have 2 sides pockets, to make them even more beautiful. They are really stretchy, the fabric is very breathable. Available in a variety of color, i choose blue because it looks more.... SUMMER.

The buttons are just for the look, just put them on and that's it, no button, no zipper, no hassel!!!

This are size medium and they fit really well, i am 5'4" and size 3 in jeans and this is how they look on me... #Simlu

Check them out HERE

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