Friday, March 18, 2016

6 Piece Wooden Vehicle Set Review

Ok, are these cute or what?! This set of 6 vehicles are made out of actual wood. They are also perfect to help develop your kiddos fine motor and sensory skill, also these are great for some "pretend play" so it's a great way to expand your kids imagination. I believe these are hand painted and the work it's amazing, they are also tested for your child's safety. The bright colors really get the kids attention. When the box arrived and Elias saw them, he quickly ran and grab them to start playing with them. You do have to be careful because, again these are made out of wood so, yes they are kinda heavy BUT when it's time to play with them or push them on the floor to see them run they are quite fast and easy to play with. They are small and easy to storage. They don't have any toxic smell and when it's time to clean in my case just a disinfectant wipe it's ok! Perfect addition to any kids play room or for a gift! #mmpliving

Check them out HERE

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. 

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