Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waist Trimmer Belt Review

My best way to explain and review this is like this... (Bare with me) I have a waist trainer, the one i bought it's not good for exercise plus it's longer and has that hour glass shape we want!! This belt trimmer is much smaller, doesn't have that shape BUT it's great for exercise, specially for squats and abs. ;) While doing my short - once in a while routine, i could notice that it does work as a sauna, while working out you feel the heat on the waist and the sweat. Which is great because it's what we want, burn that fat from those dove mini ice cream we ate at midnight. The best part of this belt is, you don't have to worry if you choose the right size or not, you can just wrap it around, trust me the velcro makes it stay where it supposed! Also, no need to worry of it getting loose while working out! 
Been loving this #neopromedicalwaistbelt hopefully i will get in shape by the summer!!

Check it out HERE