Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Online Udemy Course Review

Now days, new things and idea are emerging and with them, the desire to learn about them and prepare in case we want to take part on them. For example, one of the things that people are looking information about is "How to create and sell your own brand" whether is a direct selling company you want to create a monthly subscription box, your own store, your own idea.. The point is, whatever you are doing, you need to prepare for it. Yes, you might have a great idea on your hand BUT, do you know how to create your brand and SELL IT? It is one thing to create something, other really different is to sell it. And that's when UDEMY ONLINE COURSES comes in! To be specific i am talking about the course "Concept to Market: How to Create and Sell your own Brand" This really short and straight to the point course will teach you from trademark your brand to sell your brand and more. It has green dots next to them so you know which lesson you took and which one is of course next. And the best part? You get to take the course from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace!! It has 4 sections and the lessons are really short, i think the longest one last 10min! The only down side is the volume, make sure you are in a quite place or have on hand a really good pair of ear buds. If you have kids, do it like me and wait for them to be in bed, that is the only "down part" i saw! Other than that. I think this course is definitely a go!! 
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I got the pleasure to take this course for free, in exchange of my honest opinion.

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