Sunday, January 31, 2016

Motion Trend Men's RFID Blocking Wallet Review

Nope, your eye are not deceiving you!!! This is an actual men wallet. When i first saw this, i thought about 2 thinks.... 1- My son needs one, 2- RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking? yes please!!!
Now days, there are many different ways for scamers to steal your information. Many credit cards are now embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which make the information on these cards at risk of electronic pickpocketing using RFID readers.The fully tested RFID blocking wallet blocks signals from RFID readers, protecting your credit cards and providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe from electronic theft. See what i think my son needs this?! Either for you or someone you love, you are going to love the way this wallet is wrapped, perfect for a gift! If you want to see more, please watch my review video! 
You can find the wallet HERE #LINKYO

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