Thursday, October 15, 2015

NiceTalk Tutor, The App That Pays You To Talk

As a single mom of 2 and alone in MA i am always looking for ways to make some extra money online and at home. I have found a few and even vlog about them, but this time i was introduce to an app that pays weekly and for doing the thing we do all the time TALK.

The name of the app is Nicetalk Tutor. Ok, you are going to say "I am not a teacher nor a tutor" ME NEITHER!!! This app that allows you to help Chinese practice their English. You do not need any experience whatsoever, they just like to have normal conversations, ask things like "What are some good conversations starter?" or ask you about Taylor Swift (I am sssoo not kidding).  The app its like skype, they see you and you see them, some are too shy and turn the camera off or chat with you while you are looking at a wall or feet. They are really polite, some are really chatty others not so much.

The availability it's up to you, we have a 12hr difference so our am it's their pm and vice versa. I go online at 7pm and 6am, i do get more calls during the morning. You get some randome calls but with time you make some regulars, which is nice.
The app pays $10.00/hr. Payment is made weekly & direct to your Paypal, You just need to have a $20 balance at least (in the app). If you use my invitation code (CN03OU7 the first 0 it's a number the other it's the letter) you will get $10 right away to get started. Once you are a "tutor" you can invite others and once they get accepted and have at least 30min online you get $20.00, pretty nice huh?!. Download the app from the Google Play or Apple store its called Nicetalk Tutor.

In order for your account to be approved you must upload your 30 second video explaining why you are interested. This is so they can make sure they are pairing their students with who is actually in the profile picture and honestly it's quite simple, i did mine with no make up and a bun xD.

Well peeps, this is the latest discovery, if you have any question let me know. Remember you can contact me via...

Well, good luck and see you around!!

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