Thursday, September 10, 2015

My LAST Ipsy Unboxing

Hello peep's!! long time no see.  A lot has happen with me, specially lots and lots of changes. Beginning with my last month with Ipsy :( Yup, i know, i know. How could i, what is wrong with me. I asked my self the same question, over and over again. But the truth is, it was time for me to say my good bye and let it go. 
Now, i am not here to batch on Ipsy, i still believe it's an awesome program and for the price, trust me it's a bargain. BUT, i have been with Ipsy for so long now, i have so many make up bags i don't even use, products i just swatch or smelled and that's it, there they are. I just thought it was time for a break and second, it's time for me to explore other subscription boxes like Boxy Charm, Glossy Box and stuff.
This last bag with them was absolutely amazing. I even make sure i used up my Ipsy points for more make up! Wait till you see my unboxing, you will love it to.
Anyways peeps, here is my last ipsy unboxing, it's not a good bye, it's more of a see you later <3 You were my first subscription bag and one can never forget that.

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