Friday, August 28, 2015

How I make Money with My Phone App

Hi Munchkins! As you all know, i vlogged about making money online and getting free samples. Now i want to talk to you about, how i make some money, save and even get gift cards with phone apps. I don’t know you but i paid a lot for my phone and the monthly bill ain’t cheap either. So, why not make some money with it. Hope you guys like it and remember if you have any question, let me now!.

Let’s start with the money making apps...

-App Trailers: with this app you have to watch app or movie trailers to earn points and get money or gift cards. Also, you get points for inviting friends.  

-Inboxdollar:  let me just say i got $8.43 in less than half hour, you get credit for receiving and responding to advertised emails, surveys, play games, shop online, searching the web and more. When you signed up and confirm your email you get $5.00. Another app very similar to Inboxdollar it’s PerkTV, for me the only difference it’s the app.

-PerkTV: You can have up to 5 phones, with the same account and just let them play automatically, you don’t have to babysit the app and both programs give you the option to log online for more.

-iSecretShop: ok, this app or site... IT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME! It’s about mystery shopping, allows you to accept different assignments in your area and complete them through your smartphone or pc. They even give you courses online to help you!

-Loot: View different campaigns run by your favorite brands and select the one that interests you most.Complete actions, which will involve either taking a picture or sharing a message on Twitter of Facebook and earn loot (cash)!You will receive cash or other rewards for each and every action you complete on Loot!

-Rewardable: this app let’s you know where are available task near you and get paid while you shop. Snap a photo, answer questions and earn cash instantly. Pretty nice if you ask me.

-Fronto: it’s a lock screen media app and it does work trust me, you just have to download apps, maybe get to some levels, read news and refer friends to get point for cash. The thing i hate about this app is that i notice the points weren’t showing, when i contacted CC, they asked for a screen shot so they can reward you with the points. Do you have any idea how many screen shots i had to take? I got my $10.00 and delete it. If you have the time and the patient, do it.

-Ibotta: now come on, who doesn’t have this app on their phone?. I get money back for buying every week things like milk, bread, eggs, orange juice and more. If you refer friends, it helps. If you connect the app with your Facebook account it’s even better because you will be part of a group. Like, if your friends are on Ibotta, it doesn’t matter if they invite you or not, you will be part of a team. And that will help you unlock task and earn more money. IT’S AMAZING. And if you combine it with coupons BETTER. 
Now the gift cards apps.

-Freemyapps, with this app you earn credits by downloading apps or games and with those credits you can get gift cards.

-Checkpoints and Shopkick you get points or “kicks” every time you enter on a store and “Check in”, scan certain products and/or shop. Personally i downloaded just the Shopkick and it’s actually fun, i felt like on a scavenger hunt at Target, scanning like a boss xD and it’s pretty easy. 

If you own brand stuff like clothing, shoes or purses and you are good selling this two places are perfect for you. Poshmark, i have personally never used this app because you need to have an iphone but i have used Twice Clothing before and it’s pretty awesome/friendly and easy to use. You can sell your brand stuff, buy brands at really cheap prices and invite friends with your referral link so they can earn $10.00 for their first purchase and you can win something one the side too. Win, Win.

And last but not least, money saving apps. My personal, all time favorites are Cartwheels from Target, now with this app and their debit red card which offers an additional 5% off your purchase, you can save a lot of money. If you are a Target shopper like me. 

Well Munchkins that pretty much sums up all the apps i researched and i personally recommend for you. There are others like Juno Wallet, Cash Pirate, App Joy, Instant Rewards, Tap Bownty, Feature points, vento and more which can help you earn Gift Cards or cash but i guess it depends your preference, time and needs. Do you have an app that’s working for you? Share it with me and don’t forget to watch my video! See you around peep’s!!

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