Monday, August 10, 2015

FREE Movies and TV Series on your Phone!

It's no secret that i love freebies and bargains!! But this one? i love even more and it's the showbox app for android devices. I have been using showbox for almost a year now and man have i save money with it. You can watch movies and tv series. The movie theater now days is really expensive and when you have a toddler and a teenager like me, this could be a life saver. They do take a little time uploading movies but the tv series you'll have them available the next day, you can even download them. This app is a huge life saver, specially when we are having long trips if you know what i mean. I have read people saying they can watch it on their tv's because of the chrome stick but i honestly don't know, haven't try it. If you do let me know. If you thing about it, it's like having Netflix but FREE, so you are saving like 100.00 a year.

You can download the app HERE if you decide to give Chrome Cast a try and works, let me know!!!

Hope you guys enjoy and see you around!

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