Monday, June 29, 2015

How to create and Art corner for your kids

Hello Peep's! As some of you know, i am on Instagram since i joined the whole planner world, i have been following some nice gals and they are always posting pictures of hauls at the Target Dollar Spot. Don't get me wrong, i am a Target Junky and the Dollar section is my fav, but i wasn't getting as lucky as the other girls. Today, my days of bad luck ended!! 
I bought 2, 60 page journals, gold washi tape, those cute colorful clips, why? well... because they are cute, small and $1. ;) 2 pens, those jar tags, paper kraft, a thomas book (not picture) some blocks and a wooden rainbow (also not picture) BUT, the reason i am doing this blog it's because of the kraft paper. As some of you know, i have a 2yo toddler, he recently started "drawing" on the walls. And well, this momma here doesn't do well with that. Don't get me wrong, he is a baby, things like this are going to happend but im more of a "Take the opportunity and teach something" kinda mom. So, when i saw the paper i instantly had that "AHA" moment.
When i got home i remember i had some 2 face taped laying around for christmas and here is what i did. I created an art corner, i placed a long piece of paper on the wall and said to him "This is going to be your art-happy-place you can color on your book or on the paper, not on walls because its not ok.

And, believe it or not voilá, he is a very happy kid and i am a very happy mom! The best thing about this paper is... First i found it at Target Dollar Spot for $3.00, i believe you can also find it at places like michaels. It's 9.8ft long and third, you can color with crayons, chalks, even let him/her put some sticker on them!!!

Well Peep's, those are my 2 cents on "How to Create and Art corner for your kids" Hope it works for you as it's working for me.
Hasta Luego!

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